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Job Information

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Building Maintenance Technician - Warehouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Position Overview

As a Building Maintenance Technician II, you will oversee and repair the building infrastructure and related support systems. This role will assist in the safe operation, daily monitoring and maintenance of all building related infrastructure and equipment including roofs, structural building components, site components, septic and storm water systems, dock and man doors, dock plates, bollards and other protection elements, sprinkler systems, office and warehouse HVAC systems, electrical systems, etc. Provide assistance to Supervisor/Manager of Maintenance to ensure assets (Building/HVAC/Electrical, etc. systems) are managed in accordance with the following: ASHRE (American Society of HVAC and Refrigeration Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), NEC (National Electrical Code), EPA, OSHA and applicable State and Local Codes.

Shift: 2nd Shift, 2pm-10:30pm, Tuesday-Saturday

Job Description

Essential Job Functions:

• Perform routine inspection, service and maintenance of fire sprinkler/standpipe systems and related equipment.

• Perform flow tests, fire pump tests, hydrostatic tests, main drain tests, trip test dry valves, and test hydrants.

• Perform dry sprinkler inspection, including; properly trip test dry valve, identify/test/reset QOD's and air maintenance device, identify auxiliary drains, clean/reset dry valves, identify low air pressure switches, properly put system in service and identify correct types of air compressors.

• Perform pre-action/deluge inspections including properly identifying and disabling the systems, testing and resetting, identify mechanical, electrical op and auxiliary shutdown and properly put system in service.

• Correctly identify and inspect standpipe including identify class of standpipe and hose cabinet, properly test hose valves, test pressure relief, inspect and re-rack hose.

• Conduct a fire pump test including properly identify pump types, calculate actual flow GPM/hoses, use pitot, multimeter, tachometer, have knowledge of pump controller and the ability to graph pump curve.

• Perform a wet system inspection including perform the main drain test, identify and test flow switched, tampers, water motor alarms, antifreeze loops, and perform a proper walkthrough inspection.

• Keep informed of new products and developments. Attend in-house training sessions and manufacturers' training as assigned and/or required.

• Properly identify and test fire hydrants.

• Be knowledgeable with N.F.P.A 25 and to troubleshoot fire pumps, wet systems, dry systems, and pre action systems.

• Report all accidents, mishaps and/or customer complaints immediately.

• Work cooperatively with other departments within the company and with fellow coworkers.


  • Assist leads and manager/supervisor with Building, HVAC, and Electrical systems including monitoring and trending, troubleshooting and repairs (Compressors, fans, heating systems, cooling systems, contractors, motors, micro processors, frequency drives, ventilation systems, lighting, power, etc.). Candidate will work closely with Operations (Warehouse, Safety, Security, Human Resources, etc.) to achieve common goals.

  • Conducting preventive maintenance (P.M.'s) within established timelines (Oil analysis, filter changes, calibration of sensors and transducers, compressor checks/adjustments, re-lamping, belt changes, etc.), leak detection, conducting required inspections and reporting, evaluating and implementing energy management strategies, ensure product integrity is maintained through building systems temperature control, evaluating and reporting equipment condition, clearn and concise communication with Management, etc.

  • Responsible for logging time and materials into computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) on a daily basis in the form of work orders, P.M.s, etc. Responsible for daily communication of all pertinent information regarding building infrastructure, systems operation and maintenance to departmental management and maintenance teams. Responsible for housekeeping and clean up all maintenance areas, rooms and all project areas on a daily basis.

  • Required to interpret and understand plans and specifications, schematics, operating and maintenance manuals, etc. for systems being overseen.

  • Assist leads in developing standard operating procedures, daily work schedules, and duty cycles for all repairs and maintenance for building, HVAC, and electrical systems. Assist leads in managing outside building, mechanical/HVAC, and electrical contractors conducting service, repair and new contract work. Assist leads in creation of budgets for individual projects, yearly capital and yearly operating expenses.

  • Assist the MHE, Refrigeration, and battery technicians. Duties will include assisting in MHE repairs, refrigeration system repairs, battery charger repairs, battery changes for MHE, repair of plugs and tips of batteries and chargers, watering batteries, acid spill clean up, battery rack cleaning, battery area sweeping and cleaning, and other general maintenance activities.

  • Travel Required: No


  • Warehouse : Grocery Warehouse (50F to 90F)

  • Warehouse : Perishable Warehouse (28F to 60F)

  • Warehouse : Freezer (-20F to 0F)


  • Specialized Knowledge : Prefer Electrical License, Plumbing License, HVAC Certification/Schooling, Building Code Knowledge, Welding Certification

  • Special Skills : HAZMAT, Low Voltage Control Systems

  • Physical abilities: : Some travel, site inspections, equipment inspections, mechanical repairs and replacements, all which require good mobility, physical exertion, walking, bending, reaching, climbing ladders, working in high lifts, carrying tools and parts, etc.

  • Other: : OSHA, Good Manufacturing Processes, PSM, RMP

Years Of Experience

  • 2-5 : 2 years in Building or Electrical Maintenance, Associate 2 year in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Building Trade Certification, or Equivalent

  • 0-2 : Candidate should possess good computer skills.

  • 0-2 : Basic knowledge of building systems including wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, double pre-action sprinkler systems, compressed air systems, etc.

  • 0-2 : Basic knowledge of HVAC systems including split systems, make up air units, RTU's, air handling units, gas regulators and components, Freon cooling, VAV systems, supply and exhaust systems, etc.

  • 0-2 : Basic knowledge of building electrical systems including 480V, 277V, 208V, 120V systems, transformers, switch gear, motor starters, disconnects, contactors, low voltage controls, lighting systems, etc.


Associate Degree - General Studies, Attendance, Initiative, Productivity, Quality, Safety, Values


2nd Shift (United States of America)


C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

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Company: C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Job Area: Facilities - Maint

Job Family: Facilities

Job Type: Regular

Job Code: JC0982

ReqID: R-250005